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Pikolo Swift is an affordable asset management solution designed to fit your operational needs. No paying for features you never use. Just asset tracking the right way - Your Needs - Your Way. Ditch that spreadsheet and paper form. Get Swift and let your users manage their own equipment check in and outs while maintaining accurate logs of each transaction.

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Pikolo Swift

Your business success depends on the availability of operational assets and resources. Whether you are in broadcast media, commercial services, or any other industry, your teams need to be able to access resources needed to perform their duties. Unavailble resources (missing, repair, or unaccounted) present a challenge for maintaining business continuity.

Under normal circumstances, business equipment moves in and out of your facility often times returning in questionable conditions. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this situation with the need for remote operations and work from home situations. You need a Swift to help you answer, in real time the: who, what, why and when.

Why Swift

Pikolo’s Swift is an asset management solution designed to address the needs of specific industries. Swift is not a bloated solution with features that you will never use. Instead Swift provides functionality to meet your operational needs with the right combination of tools to keep your teams engaged.

Swift is web-based and includes mobile support. The framework is role based allowing for easy access rights administration. 

Key Features


Easy to use web interface with desktop and mobile support
Available as a local web-based install or Zero footprint service (SaaS)
Support for “on demand” equipment check-outs and reservations
Integrated approval process for assets needing prior approval
Easily track all broadcast assets with support for equipment bundles and kits
Integrated schedule resource handling and conflict resolution
Integrated user access roles control access to specific asset types
Provides seamless integration with Pikolo ITracker operations management workflow (Broadcast Media)
Seamless integration with Pikolo OpsManager (Property Management)


Not just a database.

Real time accounting of all equipment and assets
Increased resource availability and staff engagement
Detailed reporting and analysis for trends and future planning
Ditch the spread sheets and paper forms – easily track the who, what and where of your resources.

Swift allows you to spread the tracking responsibility by allowing users to self-serve; checking in and out the resources they need.

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